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5S Club #YouPlayWePay

Plae8 Exclusive 5S Club, We Offer Premium Services Just For You!

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Happy Valentine's Day. Deposit & Get Your Luxury LV Gifts By Playing On PLAE8 Now!

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New Member 250% Welcome Bonus

Unbeatable 250% Welcome Bonus For New Member!

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Brand Migration Bonus

Plae8 Is The Trusted & Safest Platform To Play with, Join Us Now !

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Brand Migration Program

Flash Your Membership Card & Get Instant Level Up!

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Daily Reload

10% Unlimited Reload!

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Mega888, 918Kiss & Pussy888 Reload

10% Unlimited Reload!

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Daily Cash Rebate 1.2%

Get A Wonderful Cash Rebate Up To 1.2% Daily!

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Weekly Rescue Bonus

Claim your weekly rescue bonus up to MYR 8,888 !

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Weekly Turnover Challenge

Win Extra MYR 1,888!

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Baccarat Challenge 9 Lucky Streak

Win 9 Games In A Row To Win FREE PHONE!

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Slot Daily Challenge

SPIN More, GET More!

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Crypto Deposit Cashback

Earn Up To Weekly MYR 888 Cashback!

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Birthday Special Gift

Celebrate Your Birthday With A Special Gift From Us!

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